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The History of Ens Lumens

Ens Lumens: The Kennel of black and chocolate labradors

First time I saw those dogs when watching the movie Revange. I liked a yellow dog that belonged to the main hero strong, friendly and playful dog. I felt very sad when the dog got killed in the middle of the movie... One day I was taking a walk in a park and saw a dog that looked very much like that dog from the movie. We stoped to talk with the owner of the dog and I found out that the dog was a labrador. Labradors are very cute and cheerful dogs, they can work really hard and they are good hunters. People who owned labradors in the USSR (now former USSR) either had a successful career, or were very famous. Those days labradors were rare to meet in the street. Mostly there were black and yellow labradors.

That lady told me a lot about her Chanel and let me pet her favourite dog. And suddenly I realized I wanted the same dog. I wanted a dog with a soft hair and affectionate look and wonderful temper. I called a chief of a kennel club in Moscow and shared with her my wish to own a yellow labrador. But they showed me some new chocolate puppies brought from Novosibirsk . When one of the puppies buried his nose in my hands and then licked my lips and he smelled like coffee and buckwheat I knew I found my treasure.

When this puppy appeared in our apartment we had a feeling she's been there with us all the time. Walks and feeding and playing with our puppy were so natural for everyone in our family, nobody felt bored.

We did not find a single spoiled shoe or damaged peace of furniture. Our puppy always had a keen appetite and during walks many people could not pass by without stopping and expressing their admiration.

Very soon we discovered that our dog was a true lady. She was intelligent, smart, clean and very beautiful dog.

Retriever Mellany

Mellany's ancestors were great dogs: Champions of GB and Belgium, Luxemburg, USA, India and Russia. In her pedigree there are blood lines of very famous dogs such as Baron, grandson of the Champion of England, Othamcourt Shane of Saddie, brought to the USSR in 1984; Raj (Hedlyday Grant Marnif Inde) brought from India in 1989, Eva Kinley Star (Brandy Snap from England Zenta) owned by N.V.Teslenko; Silver Cloud's Borg brought from India in 1993; Sweettrees Mac from Belgium born from the US Champion Sweettrees Dark Sensation and Sweettrees Justso. All those dogs had a big influence on formation of the breed in Russia.






CH India




RAJ , India




LV W- 94

















The history of our kennel can be defined as a further evolution of black and chocolate labradors in Russia. In dog shows Mellany took prize places but her truly loved and favourite hobbie has always been hunting.She had a real hunter's passion, she had no equal in duck, black grouse, hazel grouse and hare retrieval. Mellany appeared to be a great breeder and her puppies inherited best breeding qualities and a real labrador's temper.

Our first puppies were born in 1997 from Mellany and chocolate Lorts Harvey - Interchampion, Champion of Russia, Belorus, Lithuania, Estonia.

Zagrace Nord was the best chocolate puppy he became a Chamnpion of Russia.

Labrador retriever Zagrace Nord

First puppies with Ens Lumens prefix in their names were born in 1998 from black Belgian male Quatro of Lucifers Delight (Ch. Narjana's Lamborghini Blondella Button's n- Bows, owned V.Verrees), one of the most titled breeder in Europe Interchampion, Champion of Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Holland, Russia. The litter became one of the best in the history of Russian Retriever Club. Five dogs became Champions of Russia:

Ens Lumens Fred Aster Champion of Russia, Work Certificate (Rus)

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Fred Aster

Ens Lumens Fiji Best Boy Champion of Russia (N. Bradley Lynn, USA)

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Fiji Best Boy

Ens Lumens Flash Gordon Champion of Russia (Rus)

Ens Lumens Forman Black Prince - Champion of Russia (Rus)

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Forman Black Prince

Ens Lumens Frida Lady Dark - Champion of Russia, 4 CAC, CW, BOB, BIG-1, Work Certificate
(Kennel "Ens Lumens" Rus)

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Frida Lady Dark

In 2000 and 2001 (double litter) Mellany had puppies from black Stenways American Express (Quatro of Lucefers Delight Urfamycine of Lucifer's Delight). And the new Champions and prize winners became:

Ens Lumens Zwis Ora Champion of Russia (Rus)

Ens Lumens Zageri Floks Best Junior (Rus)

Ens Lumens Zefar Sonya Champion of Russia (Rus)

Ens Lumens Zelfa Blackberry Champion of Russia and Moldova, Work Certificate on duck retrieval and blood trace
(Kennel "Ens Lumens" Rus)

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Zelfa Blackberry

Two wonderful dogs yellow Zesta Sweet and chocolate Zaria San-Lassy were bought by Noginsk kennel owned by Ministry of Extraordinary Situations for breeding. Since 2003 their puppies successfully took part in search and rescue operations in most severe parts of the world.

In 2002 we had pupies from Russia Champion black Strong Style Brony (Timantti Solid Brainy to Strong Style + Kamrat's Coffee to Strong Style). The prize winners became:

Ens Lumens Blas Roksy and Ens Lumens Berry Holly (Rus)

In 2003 there were puppies from chocolate Russia Champion, RFC Champion, Grandchampion, Belarus Champion Stenways Red October (Mallorn's Chocolate Czar + Stenways Angel's Melody) and the best became:

Ens Lumens Big Space Travel GrandCh, National ClubCh, Ch Russia, Best puppy (Kennel "Ens Lumens" Rus)

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Big Space Travel

Ens Lumens Breeze My Love Best Junior (Rus)

In 2004 we had puppies from black Russia Champion Stenways Pepper Brandy (Follies Rule of Thumb + Halfmillion Kisses for Stenways).

Ens Lumens Zord Woods Spirit Prize Winner (Rus)

Ens Lumens Frida Lady Dark

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Frida Lady Dark

The puppy was massive, cheerful and very energetic. Frida evidently felt our special attention to her. From her first days it has been clear that Frida was a born leader. FRIDA became an excellent breeder as it had been expected! A temperament, distinguishing qualities of the breed, excellent hunting qualities, a wonderful character are being inherited by all her offsprings! FRIDA became one of the best breed females of a Russian Retriever Club!

The first FRIDA's puppies were born in August 2000 from chocolate INT CH, MULTI CH, CH RKF,4 CACIB, 2 Res. CACIB, 2 x BIG, 8 x BOB, BIS -3, 15 x CAC, Prize-Winner of Europe Championship-2000 and Prize-Winner of World Championship-2001, Richard Magnifico (Lortz Harvy+ Mardji Haizel) Own. Polevaya L. Our puppies became real success on some dog shows in Russia, CIS countries, Baltic States and Prize-Winner of Europe Championship!

Ens Lumens Zhenny Shine - INT, RUS CH, BLR CH, LIT CH, 3 CACIB, CH RFSS, Candidate at National Club CH, ANDIDATE CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA, 8 , 3 CACIB, R.CACIB, the Best Female of the Breed, BOB, Trials: Duck retrivering - II grade, Blood - II grade (kennel Magnificos).

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Zhenny Shine

Ens Lumens Zhenevieva Monte Rose - GRAND RUS CH, LIT CH, BLR CH, UKR CH, CLUB CH R.CACIB, 4 in Russia, 2 in Lithuania, in Belorussia, 2 Candidate At Club CH 2 BOB 2 BIG! Trials: Duck retrievering, Blood. HD- A-A (kennel Magnificos).

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Zhenevieva Monte Rose

Ens Lumens Zheoze Bosheron - RUS CH, TRIAL RUS CH, 12 working tests 3 d - I, d - II. duck; 2 d - I., 2 d - II retrieve; d - III., 3 d - II blood Moscow championship winner (20 - 21.07.02), 2 X for duck & retrieve Russian championship for retrievers winner (24 - 25.08.02) (Rus).

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Zheoze Bosheron

Ens Lumens Zhofrey De Peirak - Best Juniors (Rus)

Ens Lumens Givanchy Amaridg Caprise - Best Juniors, (Rus)

A twin-litter FRIDA & RICHARD MAGNIFICO was born in 2001. The following puppies became prize-winners:

Ens Lumens Unika Estel - , CH ROLS, BOB (Rus)

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Unika Estel

Ens Lumens Utah Silima - Junior RUS CH, RUS CH (Rus)

Ens Lumens Udjin Beor - BEST JUNIOR, 2 A (Rus)

Ens Lumens Uton Walinor - CW, UKCIB - UCI (Rus)

A litter from a chocolate STENVEYS TOCHKA RU (Bubbling Picasso + Stenveyz Dessert Chocolate), Champion of RKF, Champion of Russia, Belorussia was born in 2003, became one of the best dogs.

Ens Lumens Yukki Shain - a Prize-Winner

A black Labrador Tjotte's New Years King At Magnifico from Sweden kennel Tjotte's (Own. Polevaya L) was imported to Moscow in March 2003. There are Labradors of black and chocolate colors in his pedigree, Championship - as a result of professionally selected bloods. Nowadays Tjotte's New Years King At Magnifico GrandCH RUS, UKR, BLR, NationalClub Champion, R.CACIB. FRIDA and Tjotte's New Years King At Magnifico gave birth to puppies in September 2004 and there was success again:

Ens Lumens Arna Brown Sugar - The PRIZE-WINNER of the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - 2006 and 2008, the VICE-CHAMPION of the Europe- 2006, Qualification on Crafts, CH RUSSIA, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Finland. INTER CH, MULTI Champion, Grandee the Champion of Russia, the Champion of National Club. 2 Ch RCF, 2 the Winner of club "Beau monde", 2 Winner of Russian Retriever Club on Special Show "Retriever" 2006, 2007.

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Arna Brown Sugar

Ens Lumens Affa Enigma Flower - Winner of juniors class, Prize-winner

Ens Lumens Angel Sky Garden - The Best Junior Male Dog, 2 J, BOB, 2 in BEST in GROUP, 5CAC,
I pl in BEST in GROUP, Champion of Bulgaria, Champion of Russia

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Angel Sky Garden

Black puppies from very attractive chocolate STENVEYZ GET POPULAR (Palabras Keep On Movin' (FIN) + Stenveyz Part of Million), Champion of Belorus 10CAC, RCACIB, grandson Int, Grand, Rus, LT, UKR, BLG, RKF Ch, Club Winner 2001, 2003 Evellans Halfmillion Kisses for Stenveyz were born on September the 29 th, 2005.

Ens Lumens Fantasy Of Music

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Fantasy Of Music

Frida's daughter, chocolate Ens Lumens Zhenny Shine, which is kept in a kennel Magnificos went to Sweden for coupling with a chocolate Champion of Sweden TJOTTE' S NOW OR NEVER in winter 2003. A kennel Tjotte's has been breeding only black and chocolate retrievers since 1986. Bloods of the most famous English (Charway, Cambremer, Bothgates), Finnish (Mallorn's, Bubbling), Norwegian (Mambrinos) and other kennels of the world are being used there and make great influence on development of chocolate and black colors of retrievers.

There were 6 newly born beautiful chocolate puppies in February the 23th, 2004. When I was invited to have a look at the grandchildren I could hardly resist a temptation to own a retriever of such an interesting pedigree! As a result in summer 2004 there was a new Labrador in our family and kennel - chocolate

Crazy Love Lumens

Labrador retriever Crazy Love Lumens

For the first time we went on a ring of Dog Show Retriever 2004-automn of RR in juniors' group, where we got a high approval of respected cinologists and experts. Crazy Love Lumens - CH RUSSIA, JCH RUSSIA.

Labrador retriever Crazy Love Lumens

We are very proud not only for the children of our dogs but for their grandchildren too.

Ens Lumens Magic Stone (from Zlata Luna) - Champion of Russia, the Champion of Club, Grand the Champion, 2 CACIB

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Magic Stone

Ens Lumens Melody Of Summer (from Zlata Luna) - CHAMPION OF RUSSIA, CHAMPION OF MOLDOVA

Coca-Cola From Magnificos Kingdom (from Ens Lumens Zhenny Shine) - GRAND RUS CH, Junior RUS CH, CLUB CH

Labrador retriever Coca-Cola From Magnificos Kingdom

Gren'e Filipp From Magnificos Kingdom (from Ens Lumens Zhenevieva Monte Rose) - Junior RUS CH, RUS CH,

Labrador retriever Gren'e Filipp From Magnificos Kingdom

Gril'yazh Le Bon Bon From Magnificos Kingdom (from Ens Lumens Zhenevieva Monte Rose) - Junior RUS CH,
Junior Club CH

Labrador retriever Gril'yazh Le Bon Bon From Magnificos Kingdom

Zhomil Klermon From Magnificos Kingdom (from Ens Lumens Zhenevieva Monte Rose) - Junior Club CH, Junior RUS CH, RUS CH, BLR CH, CLUB CH

Labrador retriever Zhomil Klermon From Magnificos Kingdom

Chief Family (from Ens Lumens Usty Fea) - Grandee the Champion, the Champion of Russia, Champion NCB,
the Champion of Russia on working qualities!

Labrador retriever Chief Family

Evlampia Best (from Ens Lumens Usty Fea) - the Young CHAMPION of Russia, the Champion of Russia, Champion RCF.

Labrador retriever Evlampia Best

Vladyka Moskovii Danyil (from Ens Lumens Zelfa Blackberry) - the Best puppy of breed, Young Champion of Russia,
Young Champion NCB, Champion of Russia, Champion NCB, 2CH RFLS

Labrador retriever Vladyka Moskovii Danyil

Veter Peremen Deny (from Ens Lumens Zelfa Blackberry) - Champion of Russia

Ens Lumens Zappa Lunar Wanderer - J Ch Belorussia, 2JCAC, BIS III, BEST BABY

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Zappa Lunar Wanderer

Ens Lumens Ziggy Sunshines Reggae - The Candidate for Young Champions of National Club, the Candidate in Young Champions of Russia

Ens Lumens Urfin Juice (The Candidate for Young Champions of National Club, the Candidate in Young Champions of Russia

Labrador retriever Ens Lumens Urfin Juice

At the spring Dog-Show "Retriever-2006" I met the owners of a very nice male BRIDGECORNER'S EXCALIBUR brought from Finland. And thanks to Katerina and Vyacheslav Tuchnin I met Tarja Gossling, the owner of the kennel BRIDGECORNER'S.
We exchanged e-mails with Tarja and I met her some time later and that's how we became friends. We shared with each other our personal experience of bringing up puppies, and salving labradors' health problems. We exchanged information on research and possibility of Bridgecorner's breeding. Tarja's dogs are of a great temper, beauty and health! Tarja Gossling is one of the famous and respected breeders in Finland. In her dogs' pedigrees - bloods of the most world famous kennels which influence on developing chocolate, black and yellow color.

On September 2006 we welcomed Miina - a wonderful black female puppy that was born in Bridgecorner's. In Miina's pedigree there are some dogs of famous ancestry.

Bridgecorner's Luminous Lumens

Labrador retriever Bridgecorner's Luminous Lumens

And the most important - Tarjia Gossling took with her to Finland two our puppies - Love Story at Bridgecorner's from Ens Lumens Frida Lady Dark and Shalyapinof Crazy Love Lumens from Magnificos Kingdom.

Labrador retriever Labrador retriever

In 2000 and 2006 we were awarded by an honorary title of Best Breeder of Russian Retriever Club

This is what 11 years of my life and work with amazing retrievers were!

Ens Lumens Frida Lady Dark, Fantasy of Music, Crazy Love Lumens
Ens Lumens Frida Lady Dark - Fantasy of Music - Crazy Love Lumens

There are Europe Vice - Champion, CHAMPIONS of RUSSIA, an INTERCHAMPION, CHAMPIONS OF CIS and Baltic States, PRIZE-WINNERS OF WORLD AND EUROPE CHAMPIONSHIPS, JUNIOR CHAMPIONS OF RUSSIA, BEST PUPPIES and many just beloved and perfect companions for their owners among our puppies.

I want to express great appreciation to everyone who has helped us in breeding! It is a real tribute to the development of the breed in Russia!

In particular I would like to mention:

Natalia Teslenko - the President of Russian Retriever Club for professional and careful attitude.

Tatiana Dmitriu - owner of a kennel Stenways for amazing Mellany for professional and beneficial contribution to our breeding.

Larissa Polevaya an owner of a kennel Magnificos for friendship and selflessness in the development of the breed and for Crazy Love Lumens from MAGNIFICOS KINGDOM!

Tarja Gossling - an owner of Finnish kennel BRIDGECORNER'S beneficial contribution to our breeding. Tarja Gossling one of the best breeders in Finland and Europe.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to express my sincere attitude to all owners of our Labradors
- for love and care of our pets!

ENS LUMENS in translation from Latin means a REAL LIGHT and I think that it right for Labradors.
They are a REAL LIGHT indeed!

Moscow, Russia.

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