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Ens Lumens

Ens Lumens: The Kennel of black and chocolate labradors

My name is Margarita Zimina, I am the owner of kennel "Ens Lumens" from
Russia, Moscow.

Kennel "Ens Lumens" is a member of The Russian Kynological Federation, FCI since 1985.

Among our puppies there are Europe Vice - Champion, CHAMPIONS of RUSSIA, an INTERCHAMPION,
CHAMPIONSHIPS, JUNIOR CHAMPIONS OF RUSSIA, BEST PUPPIES and many of them just beloved and perfect companions for their owners.

In 2000 and 2006 we were awarded with an honorary title of
"Best Breeder of Russian Retriever Club".

We try to breed dogs of the same type, great temperament that belongs only
to real labradors. Our dogs are the dogs of a show-class, they also have
working certificates, but first of all they are healthy dogs. We hope that
all puppies that are to be born in future will all become champions.
All puppies from our kennel get a certificate, and then a pedigree.

We raise our puppies in the country at home, keeping contact with our
children and other dogs. And if weather allows we spend a lot of time in
the garden, getting lots of fresh air. Puppies leave our kennel at the age
of 8 weeks when they are vaccinated and receive necessary veterinary
preventive treatment against fleas, ticks and intestinal worms.
Every new puppy owner gets:
- all needed documents - certificate on an origin from RUSSIAN RETRIEVER
CLUB and The veterinary passport about vaccination;
- Recommendations on feeding and raising a puppy.
- Puppy's first food and toys - for the first days in new home.
We will be happy to have more new friends and cooperation!
ENS LUMENS from Latin means a "REAL LIGHT" and I think that it right for
They are a REAL LIGHT indeed!

Ens Lumens: The Kennel of black and chocolate labradors

Best regards, Margarita.
Moscow, Russia

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